Vertical baler

Vertical baler

1/ How does a Vertical baler work ?

he principle of the Vertical Baler is to reduce the volume of the waste by means of hydraulic cylinders that press the waste. The compacted waste forms bales of several hundred kilos. It optimises the transport costs and the sale of the converted plastic cardboard waste. In use, it offers the possibility of easy continuous loading. The presses can be fed manually by container lift, conveyor or pneumatic transport.


2/ How do you choose a Vertical baler ? 

A Vertical  baler is chosen according to the nature and quantity of the waste, and the type of activity of the company. Alterval adapts to your needs and offers numerous solutions. Though there are other types of compactors such as the Valpak® bag, Valpak® container, the “monobloc” or the “fixed station”, the operating principle of a compactor remains similar.

3/ What are the advantage of our Vertical baler? 

Optimise logistics! The compact bales reduce your transport costs and the dimensions of our bales are optimal for truck loading.

Get more out of your waste! Sorted and compacted recyclables are raw materials that you can resell to recycling companies.

  • Large retailers
  • Industry
  • Logistics