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Rotary compactor bags collect compacted waste with the VALPAK BAG. Each solution offered is tailored to your constraints and the nature of your waste. These 100%-recyclable bags simplify waste sorting management.

Pallet of 4, 6, 12, 25 or 30 rolls

Material:     100% RECYCLABLE

References : 03B | 007B1 | 007B | 2B1


  • Alterval offers four product references that can be adapted to all types of balers.

    They are made of high tenacity polyester, guaranteeing excellent resistance to heavy loads, UV, and bad weather.
    Its technical nature does not damage the strapped products, thus favouring the recycling of waste. They can also be used as traditional strapping for pallet strapping.

    Made in FRANCE

    • Guarantees an excellent resistance to heavy loads, UV and bad weather
    • Does not damage the strapped products
    • Can also be used as traditional strip attachment for pallet strapping.
    • Material: 100% Nylon
    • Width 9/13/16/19 mm,
    • Weight of roll: 1.40 kg
    • Packs of 8/4 rolls/carton
    • Suitable for all types of balers

Punchy bag

Compressible bag optimising its volume

The perforated bag is ideal for the collection of plastic bags or film. It can be adapted to a single support offering 3 possibilities, a stand, a wall support and fixed on the Valpak ® .

It has 5 rows of perforations which allow it to be compressed to expel air more easily. This bag is 100% recyclable and thus facilitates the recycling of waste.

  • 5 rows of perforations to compress the bag and optimise its capacity by expelling air
  • Reference HPB400T2 (400 litres)
  • Available in rolls of 150 bags
  • 23 microns (µ)
  • Weight of a roll: 11kg
  • Non-stick opening
  • Ideal for collecting plastic bags
  • Compression in a baler
  • Compacting in a VALPAK ®