1/ How does a Techroll® work? 

The principle of the roller compactor is to reduce the volume of waste. The Techroll® compacts the waste using its articulated arm.

It optimises the transport costs associated with waste management.

In use, the waste is deposited in an open skip, then compacted using its articulated arm.


2/ How do you choose a  Techroll® ? 

Alterval adapts to your needs and offers numerous solutions.

Though there are other types of compactors such as the “Monobloc”, the “Fixed Station” or the Baler, the operating principle of a compactor remains similar.


3/ What are the advantages of our Techroll® ?

  • Able to compact all types of bulky waste
  • Increases by 5 the density of waste in a 30m3 skip


4/  Which sectors use our Techroll® 

  • Local authorities