SC: Screw compactor

SC: Screw compactor

1/ How does  SC: Screw compactor work ? 

The principle of the Screw Compactor is to reduce the volume of waste by means of its screw. The compacted waste is then fed into the compaction box.

It optimises the transport costs associated with waste management.

It allows a continuous supply of waste, by conveyor, and by bin tipper.

2/ How do you choose a SC: Screw compactor work ? 

Alterval distributes and maintains the Screw Compactor in order to optimise the management of cardboard, plastic and wood waste in companies.

A compactor is chosen according to the nature and quantity of the waste, and the type of activity of the company.

Alterval adapts to your needs and offers numerous solutions.

Though there are other types of compactors such as the “Monobloc”, the “Fixed Station” or the Baler, the operating principle of a compactor remains similar.


3/ What are the advantage of our SC: Screw compactor work ? 

  • Self-sufficient: It has an endless screw driven by a geared motor, that tears and transports the waste to the compaction box.In addition, it allows users to load continuously.
  • Economic:  Our Screw Compactor reduces the transport costs associated with waste management. There is an increase in the weight of the boxes (8 tons of cardboard) for fewer rotation costs


4/ Which sectors use our SC: Screw compactor ?

  • Shopping centres