Punchy bag

Punchy bag

Compressible bag optimising its volume

The perforated bag is ideal for the collection of plastic bags or film. It can be adapted to a single support offering 3 possibilities, a stand, a wall support and fixed on the Valpak ® .

It has 5 rows of perforations which allow it to be compressed to expel air more easily. This bag is 100% recyclable and thus facilitates the recycling of waste.

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  • 5 rows of perforations to compress the bag and optimise its capacity by expelling air
  • Reference HPB400T2 (400 litres)
  • Available in rolls of 150 bags
  • 23 microns (µ)
  • Weight of a roll: 11kg
  • Non-stick opening
  • Ideal for collecting plastic bags
  • Compression in a baler
  • Compacting in a VALPAK ®