LYOPHIVAL® Organic waste dryer


  1. 1. Reduce the weight of your BIOWASTE by a minimum of 80 %
  2. 2. Concept approved in 22 countries with more than 1000 installed Lyophival systems
  3. 3. The LYOPHIVAL® quality concept is the drying of BIOWASTE adapted to European food, with or without animal fat or packaging (except metal and glass). With its reliable deblocking system developed by our R&D department, waste is collected and dried, without prior selective sorting. With LYOPHIVAL, you benefit from savings in various areas: energy, transport, space and cost of methanisation.

Weight of BIOWASTE reduced by 80% minimum

  • No storage in cold chambers prior to transportation
  • No selective collection
  • Easy management: the same circuit as General Waste (GW)
  • Energy assessed as combustible, compatible with incinerators
  • Improvement of carbon footprint: less transportations and the provision of combustibles for incinerators (substitution for Fossil Energy)