Dividing for ensuring security

Handling time reduced, no more need for cutting tools (cutters, knives)

Ease of use, contribute to TMS combating, continuous loading, reduction of movement-related risks, waste volume divided by 10.

A working environment which is always clean, waste compacted under protection

Dividing for better recycling

Optimisation of the whole recycling process

Optimised transportation up to treatments centres

Material exploitation conditioning time divided by 6

Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, Optimisation of carbon footprint


Dividing for gain

less handling
less internal movements
less external transportations


In light of the societal, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century, there is one responsibility we all have, that of reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. Recycling is necessary for the preservation of natural resources. The waste of some must become the resources of others in order to keep products in use throughout their life cycle. Thus, recycling in in the sense of specific treatment of a product becomes a secondary matter, again, it becomes part of the industrial circuit at the stage when the product is manufactured. From this point on, the life of a product has to be circular rather than linear in order to ensure moderated and effective use of natural resources, promote optimal re-use of materials (with reduced use of them) and preserve the planet. We think that, advances in sciences and Technology, are powerful ways for creating a
sustainable and responsible world. With this logic, since the founding of the company, we have through continuous research, developed technical innovations to combat waste and ensure the well- being of the users of our equipment. More than just an answer to the demands of “Grenelle de l’environnement (art 55.1)”, recycling is a citizens’ concern which drives us every day.


Romuald UZAN,PDG




ALTERVAL will perform a diagnosis to determine the best potential profitability of our solutions in
your company:
– Analysis of flows, volumes of waste, internal and external logistics
– Analysis of existing (or non-existent) recycling systems
– Analysis of costs and identification of rationalisation sources
Their field experience ensures the provision of real know-how regardless of your activity



Our R&D department offers you operational and concrete solutions adapted to your process,showing you possible savings (whether purchase or rent related)
ALTERVAL will prove existing profitability circumstances to you with a demonstration and a free test of an adapted solution for fifteen days on your site (not including specific installation).



Our teams can assure the complete installation of the machine and relevant equipment plus training of your users. Our products are manufactured in our own 5000 m² factory and checked by our quality department, prior to delivery, this guarantees perfect reliability.



Our national maintenance network assures follow-ups with your equipment on the basis of maintenance contracts, including the quarterly security visits. Our technicians are regularly trained to follow changes with standards.


Together, let’s give a new dimension to waste management