1/ How does Monobloc® work?

he main function of the mobile MONOBLOC® compactor is to compact dry or wet waste using a compacting shield with a maintenance-free plastic slide. Without the need for any special equipment, the hydraulic monobloc waste compactor is especially suitable for sites with a large volume of recoverable waste, allowing it to receive up to 20 m3 of waste. It is very simple to put into service, as only a power supply is required.


2/ How do you choose a Monobloc® ?

Alterval distributes and maintains the monobloc container in order to optimise the management of cardboard, plastic, dry and wet OIW, etc. for companies. A compactor is chosen according to the nature and quantity of the waste, and the type of activity of the company. Alterval adapts to your needs and offers numerous solutions. Although there are other types of compactors such as the Valpak® Bag, the Valpak® Container, the Fixed Station or the Baler, the operating principle of a compactor remains similar.


3/ What are the advantages of our Monobloc® mobile ?

It can compact wet waste without harming the environment


4/ Wich sector use our Monobloc® mobile ?

  • Retail
  • Industrial sectors.