Innovative plastic bottle collection machine

The b:bot is a machine that collects, crushes and sorts PET bottles into flakes, thus enabling optimal waste recovery. Moreover, thanks to its size of less than 1m², the b:bot can be adapted to any location.



1/ How does b:bot work? 

The principle of the b:bot is to collect, crush and sort PET bottles into flakes.


2/ How do you choose a b:bot ?

Alterval distributes and maintains the b:bot in order to optimise the management of PET bottles collected by supermarkets, railway stations, airports, hospitals, etc., any place that is public-accessed.


3/ What are the advantages of our B:BOT ?

The b:bot makes it possible to increase PET recycling by a factor of three, by means of its innovative technology. It transforms PET bottles into flakes and sorts them into coloured and colourless PET. It recognises bottles by their barcode, weight, size and material.

It has the capacity to crush bottles ranging in size from 0.15 litres to 2.5 litres. These flakes reduce the costs associated with the management of this type of waste. The b:bot can contain up to 3,500 bottles spread over its 5 storage bins.

Another advantage of the b:bot is that it creates customer loyalty through deposits and coupons to be used within your store. In addition, the b:bot is 100% digital and extends the customer experience via a mobile application.
PMoreover, the b:bot is your best ally in anticipating the 2022 anti-waste law.


4/ Which sectors use our B:BOT ? 

  • Railways stations
  • Airports
  • Hospitals